An Oriental Bay epiphany

Franco-Mauritian writer, Caroline Laurent, visited Randell Cottage in December 2022.  This was the first part of her residency, which will resume in November-December 2023.

In the meantime, Caroline will develop the ideas for her next novel that leapt fully formed into her consciousness one day as she sat in the sand on Oriental Bay:

Suddenly, inexplicably, my head bursts. I open my eyes. There’s the novel, right there in front of me. I can see it, I can see the whole thing, even, I can see the story, the characters, I can see what drives them, what holds them back, their secrets, their desires, I can see the island, the island’s role in all of this, the lost paradise, the paradise to be run from, the vital urge, the fear and the anger, the earth rumbling, the duality, I can see it all.

Read Caroline’s full report on her stay here: en français / in English

Caroline Laurent at the cottage