The Residency

Two writers’ residencies are offered annually at the Randell Cottage: one is available to New Zealand writers and the other to French nationals. The usual timing is for the French residency to take place in the first half of the calendar year and the New Zealand residency in the second half of the year. This timing was affected by Covid-19 restrictions from 2020 to 2023, but the standard pattern is set to resume in 2024.

Interested applicants can see more about the Cottage and its history on this website.

The Creative New Zealand Randell Cottage Writing Fellowship

This residency is selected by a Trust-appointed committee to work on an approved project. In 2024 the residency runs from July to December 2024.

Applications for the 2024 New Zealand fellowship are now closed.

Read more about the New Zealand Writer in Residence.

The Randell Cottage French Writer in Residence

The 2025 Residency will take place between January and May inclusive.

Applications for the 2025 French residency are now open – with a closing date of 30 April.

For fuller specifications and background information, see:
[Appel à candidatures] Résidences artistiques en Nouvelle Zélande.

Access the application form.

Covid-19 provisions

Applicants for Randell Cottage residencies are required to observe any coronavirus-related regulations issued by the New Zealand Government that may be in force during their stay.