The Residency

Two writers’ residencies are offered annually at the Randell Cottage: one is available to New Zealand writers and the other to French nationals. The usual timing is for the French residency to take place in the first half of the calendar year and the New Zealand residency in the second half of the year.

Interested applicants can see more about the Cottage and its history on this website.

The Randell Cottage Creative NZ Writer in Residence

This residency is selected by a Trust-appointed committee to work on an approved project. In 2021, in response to the disruption caused by Covid-19, the residency will run from April to September.

The deadline for applications for 2022 is 5 November 2021. The successful applicant will be announced in December. The residency is advertised subject to confirmation of funding from Creative New Zealand’s Arts Grants programme. Grant decisions are expected in early to mid-November.

Read more about the New Zealand Writer in Residence.

The Randell Cottage French Writer in Residence

A French resident is selected by a panel convened by the French Embassy in Wellington. The 2021 resident, Caroline Laurent, is expected to take up her residency as soon as the circumstances permit.

Read more about the French Writer in Residence.

Covid-19 vaccination status

After considering the Government’s new Covid-19 Protection Framework, Trustees have resolved that applicants for the Creative New Zealand residency at Randell Cottage must provide either formal evidence of double vaccination against the Covid-19 virus or a medical certificate if they are unable to tolerate the vaccine, accompanied by mitigation strategies if they were to take up the residency unvaccinated. In the longer term, applicants and residents must also provide proof they have received such booster vaccination doses as may be specified by the New Zealand health authorities.

In practical terms, this means that for this year we’ll require the successful applicant to present proof of full vaccination status and to agree to any boosters, should they be added to the Government’s vaccination strategy during the term of the residency.

We’ve done this because we believe we have a responsibility to protect those whom we bring into contact with our writers. The CNZ RCWT Writing Fellowship comes with some outreach responsibilities (such as attendance at the annual Open Day, various speaking engagements, and the occasional media interview).

Our writers also have frequent contact with Trustees and Friends, who provide support during the residency and need to avoid risking their health. And, on a practical level, it’s almost definite that the venues we use for meetings and events will very likely require vaccination certificates for entry.